Grangemouth glass blower is on to a winner

Greig Black from Black Noir is making trophies for European Curling Championships
Greig Black from Black Noir is making trophies for European Curling Championships
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Curlers competing at the European Championships in Edinburgh later this month will each receive a unique piece of glasswear, made in Gragemouth.

The trophy for the overall winners has also been designed by Black Noir, which is based at Newhouse Business Park.

Company boss Greig Black has made 125 individual pieces for the competitors using recycled glass. The way they are made means that no two are the same - the glass is smashed and then sandblasted. On top each has a handcrafted curling stone and they feature the European Championship 

Greig said: “I’ve been working with the Caledonian Curling Club for a while. We made trophies for the World Junior Championships in 2011, and I was commissioned earlier this year to make a trophy for Eve Muirhead when she won the world championships this year.

“I was really pleased to be asked to make them for this competition.”

Greig has managed to corner a niche market in the world of curling memorabilia.

He said: “I kind of stumbled across it by chance - someone asked me to make a curling stone as a trophy.

“I’ve been really lucky because it’s all started to take off.

“I’m starting to look into exporting the trophies around the world - there’s not a lot of curling memorabilia out there. I’ve been quite lucky. I’ve got pieces in the shops of virtually every ice rink in Scotland, and I am very very busy making prizes for clubs.”

Greig might not even manage to attend the European Championships, being held at Murrayfield Ice Rink, to see his trophies being presented because he is so busy.

He added: “I’ll hopefully get along but I’ll just have to see how the diary is. The curling season is just starting so we’ve got a lot on.”