Falkirk workplaces urged to get walking to keep active

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Scotland’s walking charity is calling on businesses in Falkirk to sign up to its new accreditation that aims to reverse the trend of inactive workplaces.

Paths for All has created the Walk at Work Award to reward employers across the country who are encouraging everyday walking in their workplace.

With the average working-age adult sitting for 9.5 hours a day, the charity will not just recognise employers who promote everyday walking, but will also offer guidance to those who want their workforce to become more active.

Active meetings, lunchtime walks, standing desks and promoting ways to get to work on foot will all count towards the award.

By signing up for the award, employers will receive one-to-one support on how to create a walking culture at work as well as examples of best practice and where to find extra help and resources.

Minister for Business, Fair Work and Skills, Jamie Hepburn said: “When people commute, particularly those who work in offices or who travel by car, they tend to be more inactive. This award will reward employers who encourage regular walks, breaks from the desk and activity during the working day.

“It would also help businesses who are interested in helping their staff become more active but perhaps don’t know where to start.

“I’d encourage employers to look at what they can do to foster a walking culture and register for the Walk at Work Award.”

Visit www.walkatwork.scot, email walkatwork@pathsforall.org.uk or call 01259 218888.