Falkirk parking plan will pave way for business

Car parking is to be improved at Falkirk Stadium''Picture: Michael Gillen
Car parking is to be improved at Falkirk Stadium''Picture: Michael Gillen

Extra car parking is to be created near Falkirk Stadium as optimism grows that new business will be attracted to the area

Part of a £400 million initiative to improve the district’s infrastructure, plans for the development of two sites through the Tax Incremental Finance (TIF) scheme are being pushed forward.

Falkirk Council’s executive committee agreed to spend the £600,000 on the stadium parking after hearing it was needed to deal with increased development activity in the area. They rubber-stamped a proposal to release and market sites near the stadium for commercial and leisure opportunities, as well as developing a masterplan for the Falkirk Gateway site adjacent to the Helix.

Praising officials for their “can do attitude”, economic development spokesman Councillor Dennis Goldie said: “Bringing forward some of these key projects is an indication there is growing optimism in the local economy and how it will be able to grow our long-term plans through TIF to make this area a first-class location to do business.”

TIF is a partnership between the council, Scottish Government and the Scottish Futures Trust.

The council is also to spend £1.3 million building four new industrial units at Abbotsford Business Park, Falkirk.

Development services director Rhona Geisler said “some enabling work”, such as roads improvements, would also be carried out to help attract investment.

Some of the cash is coming from the sale of properties no longer required by the local authority.

Previously the home of British Alcan, the site has been available for development for some time but without any takers.