Falkirk MP defends drilling plans

Falkirk MP Eric Joyce
Falkirk MP Eric Joyce
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Eric Joyce has called on objectors to potential ‘fracking’ for shale gas to “pipe down”.

In the week the Scottish Government called in Dart Energy’s planning appeal for Airth (see P6/7) the maverick Falkirk MP claimed Dart’s and Ineos’s plans were good for the local economy.

He said: “Thousands of workers at Ineos and 3500 jobs in the community that extend from the supply chain are depending on fracking since it’s going to ensure their future. Fracking and coal bed methane extraction are great for Falkirk, something many folk in the former coal mining communities understand. I’m fed up with the shocking self-indulgence of a small number of better-off people living in one part of the constituency who seem to care nothing about that. The Nimby folk should pipe down.”