Falkirk business is in no danger of breaking down thanks to bank support

Ernie Burgoyne
Ernie Burgoyne

Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to break down or be involved in an accident on the motorways across the central belt will know local firm Ernie Burgoyne and Sons.

The chances are that they will have him and his team to thank for getting their vehicle safely recovered from the scene.

Ernie Burgoyne launched his business from a yard at Halls of Airth in the late 1970s. Around two decades later he took sole charge of the vehicle recovery and MOT side of the firm and now has contracts with Police Scotland, the RAC and Green Flag to provide a recovery service seven-days-a-week, 24-hours a day.

Recent investment in heavy duty equipment also means E. Burgoyne & Sons is also qualified to carry out MOTs on a wide range of vehicles from cars to minibuses to class 4, 5 and 6 vans.

To finance the switch in 1988 Ernie turned to funding experts Shawbrook Bank for the best advice. As one of the UK’s leading small business lenders he knew he would be in safe hands with a firm which specialises in helping credit worthy enterprises grow.

In a tough financial world, he needed a bank that had a reputation for lending rather than simply claiming to lend.

Ernie (61) said: “I needed to keep the cash flow strong in the business while at the same time securing more vehicles for the recovery service we offer. Using asset finance made the most sense to me. I had dealt with Singers Asset Finance before it became Shawbrook Asset Finance and liked what they had to say. As far as I’m concerned as long as I get the same service I’m getting now I won’t change to another provider. I think it makes sense to stick with someone when you have a deal that works for you.”

Since 2011 Shawbrooks’s lending in Scotland has topped £129 million.