Ex depute Provost complains at lack of access at Halfords

Jeanette has complained to Halfords HQ
Jeanette has complained to Halfords HQ

A former Falkirk depute Provost has called on Halfords to pull up their socks after a lack of disabled access spoiled a shopping trip with her grandson.

Jeanette Cuthburtson, who was a senior figure in the council under her earlier name Jeanette Burness 20 years ago, said she was shocked to discover there was no lift or aid to the mezzanine floor at the branch in Central Retail Park.

She said: “My grandson was picking out a bike and wanted me to go with him.

“The bikes are on the top level and I was looking around for a lift but couldn’t see one.

“I have had two major operations on my knee, so I was really struggling.

“I did make it upstairs but only because my husband and my grandson helped me.

“If my husband hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t have been able to get up because it’s not just one or two stairs.

“I also heard elderly people saying it was ridiculous.

“I’ve called Halfords head office to put in a complaint.”

She added: “I will not be rushing back to Halfords.”

A Halfords spokesman said: “Unfortunately the store doesn’t have disabled access to the first floor right now but our colleagues are always happy to bring bikes to the customer at any time for them to view.”