Emotional plea from Plean performance coach

Wendy Chalmers Mill
Wendy Chalmers Mill

A business performance coach wants to inject some emotion into how firms communicate.

Wendy Chalmers Mill, a body language and human dynamics expert, wants companies to start using ‘emoticons’ – the quirky symbols used in texting and social media.

She believes using a specific set of emoticons for business would enable firms to work smarter, communicate better and save money.

Her role takes her into workplaces to review existing communication processes.

Wendy, from Plean, said: “Feedback I have received from every communication course I have ever run emphasises that staff are becoming increasingly stressed, annoyed and frustrated with the number of e-mails sent and received and how to interpret (or misinterpret) their meaning.

“If e-mails and other instant messaging become more human and easy to understand, they could add a great deal to the communication process and support business better.”

Now she wants to team up with a software provider to develop what she has nicknamed ‘emoticoms-Pro’.