Drive to succeed is paying dividends from Falkirk’s Crawford

Crawford Hunter has been in business for 25 years
Crawford Hunter has been in business for 25 years

A Falkirk businessman celebrating 25 years running his own company says doing well in school isn’t always a measure of success.

Crawford Hunter, managing director of Crawford Hunter Upholstery Ltd, left school at 15 with no qualifications, but is now running one of the industry’s most successful companies, with his expertise and skills used by the country’s retail giants and entertainment chains.

The business, based at Ladysmill Industrial Estate in Falkirk, has enjoyed profitable years and now employs 10 people.

Crawford said: “We’ve had a really great 25 years in business.

“We’re now a UK leader in modern and domestic upholstery, with contracts with John Lewis, House of Fraser and Sterling Warehouses handling their repairs.

“I think it shows that you don’t always have to do well at school to do well in life.

“I struggled a lot at school, but I enjoyed what I did after I left and I worked hard.”

The 50-year-old started his working life with an insulation company before being taken on by Croft Manufacturing at Bankside Industrial Estate.

He said: “I worked all the hours I could and they did a lot of projects so I got to pick what I wanted to do.”

He also completed an apprenticeship at Glasgow College of Building and Printing, gaining a distinction and Student of the Year title, and went on to gain an advanced qualification in arbritration which means he can work as an assessor and act as a expert witness in civil actions.

But he soon went out on his own, establishing contacts and a reputation with big-name clients. He added: “We’ve had a lot of success over the past 25 years and are looking forward to the future.

“We will soon be opening a bespoke furniture showroom.”