Door open at Ineos

The Ineos plant in Grangemouth
The Ineos plant in Grangemouth
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A petrochemical giant’s “door is open” to firms who want to move into the area and use its land, facilities and expertise.

Ineos site manager Gordon Grant made the invitation at a meeting of its community liaison group on Monday.

He said: “There are no plans at the moment, no agreements or firm commitments, but we have a big site here and a capability to provide land, utilities, steam, power and industrial gases.

“We would be looking for some kind of business that needs these things and the skills that people on this site have. Some sort of petrochemical investment would be great, but we are not closing our minds to other things.

“We are under huge pressure to be competitive and one of the ways to help the competitiveness of the site is to spread the infrastructure costs over as many operating units as we can. The door is open.”

Ineos finalised a partnership deal with world petrochemical power PetroChina last year - a move which Mr Grant felt would help the firm in the near future.

He said: “We are pleased we made the deal with PetroChina when we did - it certainly brings us some financial clout. All we can do is position ourselves as best we can to look after our business.

“We are only six months into this partnership and don’t have all the answers yet - but we wouldn’t like to be in the market at the moment without a partner like PetroChina.”

During Monday’s meeting, members of the committee asked how Ineos coped with the high winds which blasted the area last week.

Mr Grant said: “There was nothing major - nothing to stop production, but there was a lot of tidying up to be done. Various pieces of equipment were damaged and a couple of small cooling towers at the polyethylene plant saw some damage. No one was hurt, that was the main thing.”

Mr Grant revealed health and safety performance at the plant last year was good - only 10 incidents - but, of course, could be better. Most of the incidents were trips, falls and hand injuries - including one employee who jammed his hand in his car door.