Denny residents’ anger as scaffolding stays up

Fed-up residents have hit out after home insulation work that was supposed to take 20 days to complete has dragged on for almost three months.

Four households in Reedlands Drive, Denny, contacted The Falkirk Herald after work to render their homes ground to a halt with no end in sight.

The properties are among dozens in the area that are being worked on to make them more energy efficient, part of a Scottish Government-backed scheme and delivered by a partnership of Paragon Housing Association, Falkirk Council and contractors Everwarm.

Resident Grace Dunro said: “Scaffolding went up on May 23 and we were told by letter that, weather permitting, the work should take 20 days.

“We usually store our caravan at the front of our home so we thought it would be best to put it into storage for a month, but now it’s heading for three months.

“We were given a phone number for a site manager who never answers his phone. I have emailed the company twice asking for an explanation.

“We haven’t been able to do anything with our garden, or hang washing out to dry. Our windows were left covered in plastic, meaning we have been unable to open them.”

The Falkirk Herald contacted Paragon on Monday afternoon and work on the properties resumed on Tuesday. It should now be completed by next week.

A spokeswoman for Paragon said the delay was caused by a change to the design specification.

“Both Paragon and Everwarm regret that there has been a slight delay in completing the works, however the contractor has attempted to explain the reasons to the owner. An Everwarm representative will visit the owner and explain the situation again,” she said.

“The delay to completing the works is due to technical issues around an amendment to the original specification to accommodate the door entry system – required to ensure that all warranties and guarantees are fulfilled – and to accommodate works around a gas flue at the property as the age of the boiler means that flue extension parts are not available therefore the work around it needs to be undertaken in a different way than would normally be used.

“The final casting work is planned for this week with scaffold down by end next week, weather permitting. In addition the works need to be signed off by the system manufacturer for warranty purposes as well as the individual owner for grant claim purposes.

“The contractor advises that they have been contacted by the owner and on both occasions the owner was visited and the reasons for the delay were explained.”


The Scottish Government announced in June last year that householders in every local authority were to benefit from almost £50 million of funding which will make their homes warmer, more environmentally friendly and easier and cheaper to heat.

The investment, targeted at ‘fuel poor’ households, is used for the installation of energy efficiency measures such as solid wall, cavity and loft insulation.

The funding is expected to help lever around £125 million of investment from major utility companies to deliver the projects.

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