Chinese deal is good news for Camelon bus builder

Alexander Dennis
Alexander Dennis

Bus builder Alexander Dennis is celebrating a deal with the Chinese that could net £2 billion.

The company, which employs around 850 people at its Camelon base, expects to work with BYD to build 200 single-decker buses annually for the next ten years.

BYD is a Chinese electric bus specialist and Alexander Dennis estimates the deal to produce the 12-metre vehicles would represent total turnover of £660 million.

However, it is understood to already be in advanced discussions to extend the deal to double-decker buses.

The company said: “When this happens, there is potential to triple the scale of the current deal to almost £2 billion.”

Although it is not expected to bring extra jobs, it will give stability for those already employed.

The announcement coincides with the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to the UK.

In July the two companies announced a £19 million deal to build electric buses to go into London next year.