Change is the rite move for brothers

Fraser Morrison
Fraser Morrison

A family business has completed a £500,000 expansion ... just four years after switching operations from making underwear to document storage.

Store-Rite occupies a site in Winchester Avenue, Denny, which was previously home to Maid-Rite that at its peak employed nearly 300 staff across the district.

Managing director Fraser Morrison took the decision to end the firm’s garment making in 2008 along with his brothers Alistair and Kenneth after years spent fighting a losing battle with foreign competitors.

Left with an empty factory with 10,000 sq. ft of floor space, the brothers decided to embark upon an entirely new business venture.

After selling their manufacturing equipment to their Chinese supplier, they invested the cash in starting a document storage firm.

Companies from a variety of sectors, including legal firms and blue-chip technologies, pay for their paper records 
to be stored at the Denny facility.

Demand has been such that the original storage space is now full – so a £500,000 extension has now been built at the site, trebling Store-Rite’s capacity.

“You might think it was a bad time to set up a new business,” said Fraser.

“But it was actually a good time. Before the recession, most businesses were not examining their costs but after the crash they were.

‘‘It presented an opportunity for us to go along and say we were a new firm that didn’t have the huge overheads of the big storage companies. We could save them between 20 and 30 per cent on their document storage if they switched their business to us.

“It’s been a good move. It’s certainly not an easy business, but there’s not the same pressure as high street manufacturing. We’ve utilised what we had - and utilised it well.

“There is competition, but we’re not competing with foreign labour rates – this business is a level playing field. If someone in Livingston can store a document for a pound, then so can we.”

Store-Rite has a staff of just five, but that number is likely to double as the business grows.

“We’re very pleased with Store-Rite has performed so far,” added Fraser.