Cast a way to keep memories forever

Business Gateway client Lee McGinnis of Forever Casting Studios
Business Gateway client Lee McGinnis of Forever Casting Studios

A fruitless search to find a company that would be willing to visit her ill mother to create a cast of her hands led Lee McGinnis to launch Forever Casting Studio in Denny.

Now, three months after opening, Lee has produced casts of newborn babies’ feet and hands as well as a happy couple’s entwined hands to celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary.

Running the business around her full-time job as a neonatal nurse at Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Lee offers casting sessions in her studio or travels to clients.

She said: “When my mum was in Strathcarron Hospice, volunteers suggested I take lots of photos of us holding hands and those pictures gave me a lot of comfort.

“They also inspired me to search for a body-casting company to make a cast of her hand. Sadly she passed away before I could find a studio willing to travel to her.”

So, when Lee found a studio that teaches people how to make casts, she signed up.

“As I’d never run my own business before, I went to Business Gateway Falkirk and signed up to 10 of its free start-up courses.

“These made me think about a lot of things for the first time – in particular tax and finance – and my adviser provided lots of ideas on how to market my business, which was brilliant. That gave me the confidence to get started.”

Lee said: “Producing the casts for people is a real privilege, as I know how much a cast would have meant to me.”

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