Businesses vote ‘Yes’ to support Falkirk Delivers

Collectique owners David and Yasmin Suckling with Edward Linton-Smith, Falkirk Delivers project manager
Collectique owners David and Yasmin Suckling with Edward Linton-Smith, Falkirk Delivers project manager

Traders in Falkirk Town Centre have voted in favour of a groundbreaking third term for Falkirk Delivers – the towns Business Improvement District (BID).

The successful vote will see Falkirk Delivers continue to implement projects and initiatives designed to provide a welcoming environment, clean and safe streets for shoppers and visitors, improved marketing to encourage tourists to the town centre and to help secure inward investment over the next five years.

Falkirk Delivers was one of the original “Pathfinder” BIDs back in 2008 and a successful renewal ballot secured a further five year term in 2011.

This year’s vote means Falkirk Delivers is the first BID in Scotland to secure a third term.

Alex Fleming, Falkirk Delivers manager, said: “This is very positive news that will allow us to build on the raft of successful initiatives already established by Falkirk Delivers and its many partners.

“It’s confirmation businesses understand the positive impact a BID can make and gives Falkirk town centre businesses a strong voice locally and nationally and a guaranteed investment of £1 million over the next five years.

“This does not include any further funding, sponsorship or contributions the BID may be able to attract. We are looking forward to delivering the projects and initiatives set out in our business plan.

“This was drawn up in consultation with businesses and town centre users and includes all that people have grown to love and expect such as The Pirate and Princess Parade, Falkirk Fashion Week, taxi marshals and festive marketing campaigns – as well as new initiatives to encourage tourists to our town centre and create a thriving environment for future investment.”

The Falkirk Delivers success followed a six week ballot, which saw a majority of businesses voting for the Falkirk Delivers proposed business plan for 2016 to 21.  The total number of votes cast was 268 and 69.4 per cent voted in favour of the BID continuing.

McDonalds restaurant’s Elliot Jardine, chairman of Falkirk Towns Ltd, said: “I am delighted once again the businesses in the BID area have voted yes in support of the BID initiative.

“This vote only proves to strengthen the work of the previous five years and, by working together, gives town centre businesses a platform to really influence how Falkirk Town Centre is perceived.

“With projects and initiatives designed make the town more vibrant, safe and attractive, the message is clear – Falkirk is a great place to shop, visit, work and invest in.”