Bike benches keep firm in the fast lane

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A Falkirk engineering firm 
has hit top gear thanks to an innovative product aimed at keeping biker enthusiasts happy.

KD Benches, based in Bankside Industrial Estate, produces motorcycle benches which are used for storage and maintenance purposes.

Each bench is capable of lifting a bike weighing up to 450 kilogrammes and is handmade on-site.

Owner Trevor Tuplin (61) bought the rights for the product four years ago and has subsequently seen sales rocket.

He said: “We’re selling as many benches in one year as the previous owner used to make in three.

“We also offer more varieties and have made improvements to the lifts.”

The firm, part of AL Gordon Engineering, targets classic motorcycle enthusiasts who have the spare time and money needed to restore their own bikes.

“These benches are essentially luxury items for most people,” added Trevor.

“Most modern motorbikes now come under warranty, so if they need fixed they go back to the dealership. We aim more at the classic bike market.”

KD directly employs four people and regularly attends motorcycle fairs and events across the country to promote its products.

However, like other firms in the manufacturing sector, there have been serious obstacles to overcome in recent years due to the poor state of the economy.

Trevor continued: “We are the only manufacturer in the UK and face stiff competition from cheap imports from China. We aim to offer a competitively priced product, without comprising on quality.

“It’s the quality of our product that is our major selling point.”

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