Business owners unhappy with delay over Falkirk town centre council HQ decision

The decision to postpone plans to create a new council headquarters and arts centre in the heart of Falkirk has been met with huge frustration by its business community.

Thursday, 31st October 2019, 4:43 pm

Several shop owners attended Tuesday’s meeting expecting a final call to be made on the SNP administration’s proposals, however, opposition parties voted to push the matter back so that all 30 council members could voice their opinion.

Margaret Foy, Healthy High Street group chairwoman, said: “I’m incredibly frustrated at the lack of pace and decision-making that further delays taking the process forward.

“The businesses continue to struggle in a declining market and desperately need the confidence of Falkirk Council. We hope that all the elected members show a duty of care and understand the importance of the decision to place the HQ and arts centre into the High Street, which is the only way the town may survive.

“It’s incredibly frustrating certain parties aren’t grasping how important this is for the future of the town.”

Brian Flynn, Falkirk Delivers chairman and owner of Behind The Wall, said: “I just feel it’s another unnecessary and unwanted delay.

“The officials have done all of this work to get to this stage and the councillors have kicked the can down the road. It’s bad for the town that there’s more uncertainty. Hopefully the full council will make the right decision for the town.”