Bunnies stolen from Polmont garden

Oscar and Franny were stolen from their hutch in Polmont
Oscar and Franny were stolen from their hutch in Polmont

Two pet rabbits have been stolen from their hutch, the same day malicious reports over their welfare were made to the SSPCA.

Owner Liz Lancaster only moved to Polmont from Edinburgh two months ago with husband Ibrahim and decided the big garden was perfect for her house rabbits Oscar and Franny.

However, just weeks after moving to Roberts Avenue, someone reported her to the animal charity for neglect and she was visited by a SSPCA officer.

Liz, who works at the MoD base in Fife as a watersports instructor, said: “The officer had no concerns and wrote it off as malicious, but days later this person reported us again. As my husband was on the phone to the SSPCA, I went out to check on the bunnies and they had been taken.”

The hutch had been closed up again after the theft on August 14 and Liz suspects the person who reported them to the SSPCA took the pair.

Liz said: “I’m devastated and to be honest, I just want to move away now.

“I no longer feel safe here, if someone can be cruel enough to come into your garden and take your pet, what else can they do?

“I love my bunnies, they are like my children, and I’m desperate to get them back.”

A spokesperson from Police Scotland confirmed enquiries were ongoing while a representative from the SSPCA said an officer had attended the Lancaster home and found no case for neglect.

Oscar is a small two year old black mini lionhead rabbit with a distinctive white stripe down his neck and left paw. Franny is 18 months, larger and is a brown lionhead cross rabbit.

If you have any information on the rabbits, you can call Police Scotland on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Liz added: “We just want them back, if they are returned we won’t ask questions.”