Bumper deals for bus firm

TWO bumper deals have helped fill the order books at a Camelon bus builders.

It also brings job security for the 900-strong workforce locally.

Alexander Dennis Ltd will provide vehicles worth almost 40 million for

UK transport group Stagecoach.

Yesterday's (wednesday) announcement came just 24 hours after chief

executive Colin Robertson revealed the company had opened up a new market with a deal to build 120 vehicles for NZ Buses.

The order, worth 25 million, will see ADL ship the bus parts to New Zealand where they will be assembled by a Kiwi partner.

It has been described as a welcome opportunity to develop new overseas

markets and the company hopes to consolidate its current export market

in North America and Hong Kong.

Mr Robertson said: "This is a win-win situation. we consolidate jobs

in the UK thanks to the oustanding reputation of our tried and proven

product range; we create new business in a virgin territory, with the potential to grow it still further and to contribute significantly to the local economy; and we creat the gateway to further incremental markets.

'In every sense, this is a major breakthrough for ADL."