Brockville is sold

Falkirk's home flogged at last

THE For Sale sign will come down at crumbling Brockville tomorrow as two major obstacles to the new stadium are overcome

The Falkirk Herald understands a multi-million pound deal for Brockville,with English supermarket chain Morrisons, will be sealed tomorrow (Friday).

And yesterday (Wednesday) the Scottish Executive finally gave the green light to the development of the Middlefield-Westfield site including a new home for Falkirk.

Work could begin on the stadium by the autumn, with Falkirk kicking off there by the start of the 2003-2004 season.

Excited club vice chairman Colin Liddell admitted: "The sale of Brockville is imminent. The deal is enough to make us able to go ahead with the new stadium. We are all very excited and we feel that we have turned the corner.

"There was so much disbelief out there for so long but the stadium is becoming a reality. This is a real milestone in the whole process. There's now a different momentum which is quite exciting. We feel it from the fans too.

"In the last two to three weeks the turnaround in confidence in the club among the fans has been enormous. There is a buzz about the place based on the fact that the stadium is getting nearer. There's a feeling of self belief which is reflected in season ticket sales which have been quite superb so far."

Planning permission exists in principle for a supermarket at Brockville and a stadium at Westfield. The next stage is for detailed plans to be submitted to the council.

Mr Liddell added: "Once the missives are signed we can go ahead and submit detailed plans for the stadium. When both of these applications receive permission that's the green light.

"There are still lots of hurdles to overcome. But every hurdle behind us is one less to clear. It's a major piece of good news for Falkirk as a whole."

A report on the status of the community stadium plans will be brought to the full council on June 26.

Council leader David Alexander said: "We want football to be played at Westfield by the start of the season after next. I don't foresee circumstances which would knock us out of that timescale. It's been a real roller-coaster ride but I'm confident it will go ahead."