Bringing back 80s sparkle

Bucks Fizz are back on the road and coming to Falkirk in October.
Bucks Fizz are back on the road and coming to Falkirk in October.

Eurovision legends Bucks Fizz are bringing their own brand of sparkle and pop to Falkirk this autumn.

In the early 1980s, Bucks Fizz were a global phenomenon.

Originally put together as four young performers for A Song For Europe, they became a global phenomenon when they won the Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Making Your Mind Up’, which was an instant hit around the world, reaching the No 1 spot in 9 countries and selling four million records.

Their iconic dance routine, which saw the two boys ripping off the two girls’ skirts halfway through the song, rocked the Eurovision stages and made Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan, Jay Aston and Bobby G overnight household names.  

They went on to sell over 15 million records,with three number one singles - Making Your Mind Up, The Land of Make Believe and My Camera Never Lies, plus a further eight top 20 hits.

Disaster struck in December 1984 when, at the peak of their success, their tour coach was involved in a collision which resulted in Mike Nolan sustaining a serious head injury. Jay Aston then left the group, later being replaced by Bobby McVay.

The four are as energetic as ever and fans will get to experience the cheeky fun-filled harmonies and hi-energy dance routines when the band come to Falkirk Town Hall on October 13 with their Make Believe tour - and they promise the skirts still come off.