Brightons girl has the doorway to another world

Grace enjoys visits from the fairy world, thanks to a doorway created by mum, Lisa
Grace enjoys visits from the fairy world, thanks to a doorway created by mum, Lisa

Most nights, fairies check in on Grace Hendry using a door which connects their world to ours.

The doorway has been created by her mum Lisa, who has started a business making the portals so other girls and boys can enjoy a visit from the magical realm.

Fairy Gaits was founded after Grace returned from a friend’s house and asked her mum to make her a door for fairies to come through.

Lisa (47) explained: “I had never heard of a fairy door, but one of Grace’s friends had one and she was very taken by it and wanted her own.

“Grace came up with a 
design and my husband Ross cut it out of clay and I 
painted it. Once Grace had one, her friends started asking for them too and before I knew it we were taking orders.”

Each door is completely unique and Lisa can tailor them to the customer’s designs, with Wallacestone Primary pupil Grace often coming up with ideas too.

The ornament sits on the skirting board or door frame and provides an entrance for fairies and elves to come in and check up on the owner.

Lisa, from Brightons, studied interior design at college and after being made redundant from her job at Standard Life ten years ago, hoped to become a full time artist. But pregnancy and motherhood got in the way until now, with Lisa working on orders while Grace is at school.

She continued: “Grace has had letters, cards and gifts left by her fairy and the fairy leaves notes and presents for Grace too.

“She has had lots of joy from the Fairy Gait and I hope my designs can bring joy to other children too.”

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