Brightons church explores God Particle

Brightons Parish Church is showing The God Particle on February 17
Brightons Parish Church is showing The God Particle on February 17

A local church is tackling the age-old debate between science and God when it stages a play by a famous comedy writer.

Brightons Parish Church is showing The God Particle next month, a theatre production which focuses on the fundamental argument of whether God exists or the universe was created as a consequence of science.

It’s not all deep theological writing though, it is also a romantic comedy played out between a vicar, who is obviously religious, and a quantum physicist, who is sceptical about anything remotely connected to religion.

Despite their differences, the pair discover they have a lot to talk about, while one of the key themes of the play is about having an open mind. It’s based in a village called Threepiggs which sits next to an Institute of Advanced Quantum Theory.

The church is financing the play, which was a sell-out at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe, from a John Templeton Foundation grant. It was written by James Cary who has co-written for popular BBC series Miranda, Bluestone 42 (BBC3) and Another Case of Milton Jones (BBC Radio 4).

Elder Charles Lees said: “People think science and religion don’t mix but this play explores issues that shows you can be a scientist and a Christian at the same time.

“It’s a bit like the start of a joke – ‘a vicar and a scientist meet in a wine bar’, but it’s a romantic comedy too so should have something everyone can enjoy.”

James Cary is a Christian and as well as being a writer, he preaches at his local Anglican church in Yeovil and has a degree in theology.

He said: “I wrote The God Particle mainly out of frustration. After watching numerous debates about Christianity on television, listened to them on the radio or seen them bitterly typed out on message-boards, I found that these conversation were dry, or polarised – or abusive.

“Christian characters on TV tend not be measured, reasonable, good-humoured and intelligent all at the same time. And many Christians I know are measured, reasonable, good-humoured and intelligent.”

Proceeds from the play at Brightons Parish Church on Wednesday, February 17, 7pm, will go to Strathcarron Hospice. Tickets are £5, £4 advance, and can be bought at, or in Strathcarron’s Howgate shop.