Brightons cat shot in face

Innes Roberts with cat Dillon who was shot in the face
Innes Roberts with cat Dillon who was shot in the face
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A rare cat was shot in the face by a mindless thug, causing brain damage and costing its owners hundreds of pounds in vet bills.

The Roberts family returned home two weeks ago to find Dylan, a Maine Coon cat, covered in blood. They took him to Polmont Veterinary Clinic and discovered he had been shot with an air rifle at close range and the pellet lodged in his brain - in an area too risky to operate on.

Val, a solicitor, said: “We’ve had a very difficult year and this is the last thing we needed. We got Dylan for our son Innes and he is a lovely, friendly wee cat who will approach anyone.

“This has obviously been his downfall and he’s approached the wrong person who has shot him. It’s unbelievable and Innes is very upset.”

The Roberts’ Brightons home was robbed last year, with the thieves taking everything including their cars and then burning down their house. They have only recently moved back into the home after the attack.

Val said: “It’s been a terrible year for the family and then this happens. It’s so cruel.

“We want to catch who is responsible, if they are willing to do this to a young cat, what will they do next?”

Dylan is the nephew of the cat that played Mrs Norris in the ‘Harry Potter’ films and was bought as a kitten for 11-year-old Wallacestone Primary pupil Innes’s birthday last year.

Since the shooting, the cat has had several overnight stays at the vet for treatment but should make a full recovery from his injuries.

The Roberts are offering a reward for information about the shooting which happened between 3 and 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 24.

Call (01324) 690246 and your details will be passed on.