Bridge drivers must be fined, says MSP

Drivers who flout the law by illegally using the Forth Road Bridge should be fined, according to Liberal Democrat MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 21st April 2018, 12:57 pm
Updated Saturday, 21st April 2018, 1:04 pm

He is urging punitive action to tackle the estimated 100 drivers per day who break the rules by crossing a bridge reserved solely for buses, walkers and cyclists - arguing the guilty motorists are just trying to dodge queues on the new Queensferry Crossing.

Until now Transport Scotland has relied on reminders to deter drivers from using the Forth Road Bridge, and Police Scotland says it has no plans to introduce fines.

Transport Scotland has said it’s confident molst road users are getting used to the new system, and that the situation will improve, but that it’s keeping drivers behaviour under review and will take action if necessary.

Cyclists and pedestrians on the Forth Road Bridge interviewed on TV said the new system had dramatically improved perceptions of safety, while also removing noise - and agreed with the MSP that drivers ignoring the restrictions should be fined.

Mr Cole-Hamilton said: “We’re now over six months in to the Queensferry Crossing and it’s wrong for Transport Scotland to suggest this is just about teething problems or people not understanding the new layout.

“This is clearly people rat-running, wanting to avoid queues and get in and out of Edinburgh faster.

“I think Transport Scotland need to act on the many suggestions for improving journey time over the Queensferry Crossing in terms of reducing bottle-necks, but they also need to get tough on people flouting the rules and crossing the (Forth Road) Bridge.”