Braes High pupils take a lead in race for space

Braes High School pupils think the new Disney volume is out of this world
Braes High School pupils think the new Disney volume is out of this world

Space - the final frontier.

What is out there and how do we find out? Are humans the only intelligent life forms in the endless galaxies we now know exist?

These are questions that have been asked for centuries as scientists, inventors, star gazers and astronomers have looked to the skies in attempts to find the answers.

This week’s volume in the Disney World of Knowlegde encyclopedia series charts our search in solving the mysteries of space and learning about our solar system.

One group of pupils which has already seen the encyclopedia is Pam Sneddon’s S2 science class at Braes High School, which will carry out an investigation into the mysteries of space.

Mrs Sneddon is sure her pupils will pick up many nuggets of useful information from the Disney Space encyclopedia.

She said: “We will shortly be starting a space topic under the Curriculum for Excellence called ‘Star Fleet Academy’, which is loosely based on ‘Star Trek’.

“It will focus on the behaviour of light and how and what to look for through telescopes, as well as a bit on the solar system.

“We’ll also look at Exo planets where there is a possibility of new life and ask, could there be something there?

“This is a hot topic in space research at the moment and we will use apps on phones to access live data. Space is certainly something the pupils are eager to explore.”

The Disney Space encyclopedia is full of amazing facts about our solar system.

When Aristarchus of Ancient Greece suggested planets revolve around the sun more than 2000 years ago, no one believed him.

It would take a jumbo jet 17 years to travel to the sun because it is 93 million miles away.

Twelve astronauts have walked on the moon and their footprints will still be there millions of years from now because there is no air to disturb them.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system and is ten times bigger than earth.

To find out more about the amazing facts and mysteries of Space, be sure to pick up this week’s Disney encyclopedia. You’ll be starstruck!

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