BP comes up with a vital ingredient for Grangemouth kids

BP manager Tom Moore hands over a �10,000 cheque to Violet Cook and William Lyon of Grangemouth Children's Day
BP manager Tom Moore hands over a �10,000 cheque to Violet Cook and William Lyon of Grangemouth Children's Day
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One Grangemouth institution helped another with a £10,000 donation to ensure families enjoy a day of fun this year and the next.

Petrochemical giant BP, associated with the town since the 1920s, decided to step in and assist the struggling Children’s Day, which has been held annually for over a century.

The firm’s generous cheque - the biggest single donation ever received by the Children’s Day committee - means the event will definitely be held this year and in 2013, come rain or shine.

William Lyon, Children’s Day committee president, said: “This has secured the short term future of Grangemouth Children’s Day. We had raised enough money just to be able to hold the event this year and we were looking to raise more for next year.

“We now fund raise all year round - it’s non-stop - but this donation has gone a long way towards saving the day.”

Earlier this year Children’s Day committee secretary Violet Cook admitted Children’s Day had no future beyond Saturday, June 23, 2012, unless funds were raised quickly.

That’s when BP union convener Cliff Bowen came to BP Forties Pipeline System operation manager Tom Moore and asked if there was anything the company could do to help.

Tom said: “Cliff said the event was in need of some funds and there was a risk the organisers might not even have enough to proceed with this year’s event never mind next year.

“Given BP’s history with Grangemouth it seemed only right we do something to contribute to the Children’s Day. Grangemouth has been a big part of the lives of the guys who work at BP, including me, and we have made a great living here over the years.

“There are not a lot of places left where there is an event like the Children’s Day. We did this to try and keep something going that’s been around for 100 years, something that is special day for kids - it’s great for them to have something like this to look forward to.

“If BP can throw a few quid towards helping something as important as this then I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t do it.”

Other local firms have been doing their bit to help the event - Asda will be handing over £200 to the Children’s Day and Doosan will be providing free catering for the multitude of bands who will be playing this year.

Residents have also responded to the call for help, using popular web-based social network sites to drum up support for the big day, which can cost up to £17,000 to stage each year.

BP and everyone else who has helped can see the result of their generosity next Saturday afternoon in Zetland Park.