Boss has drivers well prepared to keep district’s buses moving

Prepared...John Gorman ensures winter doesn't put a spoke in firm's plans
Prepared...John Gorman ensures winter doesn't put a spoke in firm's plans

The Met Office has already confirmed that Britain can expect months of extreme winter weather, much like the Big Freeze of 2009/10.

But John ‘Snow’ Gorman will ensure First Scotland East buses and drivers keep moving – thanks to his be prepared motto.

John started his career as a bus driver, covering the Falkirk area, in 1986.

And it is in no small part down to his seasoned experience that his drivers are now arguably the best prepared in the country.

John said: “We work closely with local authorities to keep depots and the roads round and about gritted.

“We also have our own ample stock of salt too.

“We’ve significantly upgraded our fleet this year and having newer vehicles on the roads will help improve the reliability of our services.

“However, our drivers are far and away our biggest asset.

“They are our eyes and ears on our routes and are well trained to deal with the multitude of issues winter weather can throw at them and highlight problems for drivers following on too.”

John has played a key role in preparing drivers for winter. He tailored winter safety tips in the form of a leaflet – circulated to all drivers every year – encouraging them simply to think ahead to prevent accidents or injuries.

It was also John who established links between First Scotland East control rooms and local authority teams which operate in periods of bad weather.

He ensured that each control room also had an hourly Met office update.

“Passengers may not realise how much work is happening behind the scenes,” added John.

“Our control staff are in touch with local authorities and the Met Office to keep people moving this winter.”

First Scotland East’s network of 373 routes serve Edinburgh, Central Scotland and the Borders, with depots in Balfron, Bannockburn, Galashiels, Larbert, Livingston and Musselburgh as well as outstations in Hawick, Peebles and North Berwick.

Each depot holds around 20 tonnes of rock salt.