Bonnybridge’s Oscar shows he’s up to the marque

Oscar showed off his ability to The Falkirk Herald
Oscar showed off his ability to The Falkirk Herald
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He’s a motor enthusiast who can quickly identify from a distance the maker of most types of cars or lorries - despite being only two-years-old.

Little Oscar Craig, from Bonnybridge, wows friends and family with his knowledge of vehicles and loves to reel off the names of companies like Ford, Vauxhall, Mercedes or Fiat any time he sees one of their cars pass by.

Mum Dawn (24), who is as an early years officer with Falkirk Council, said: “He’s fascinated by anything that moves. Since he learned to talk he’s enjoyed pointing cars out and telling us about them. Staff at his nursery noticed it as well.”

After granddad Jimmy Togher told us about Oscar’s remarkable talent, The Falkirk Herald was invited to see just how good he is.

Dawn picked up Oscar and carried him to the front door, then asked if he couldnamethe car parked at the end of the driveway.

As the vehicle belonged to Herald photographer Lisa McPhillips, there was little chance he could have seen it before.

Oscar furrowed his brow in concentration for a few seconds, and then correctly identified it as a Vauxhall.

He then identified the other cars parked in and around the quiet residential street.

Parents Dawn and David (25), a building estimator, can’t give a definitive answer as to why Oscar has developed such a keen interest so quickly for someone so young, but are delighted their precocious son is showing such curiosity for the world around him. One possible explanation is the nature of the business run by David’s father.

Kevin Craig owns Ian Craig Haulage, based in Larbert. The firm has a fleet of 56 vehicles, and Oscar enjoys visiting the depot in Roughmute Industrial Estate so he can see the various lorries and trailers.

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