Bonnybridge garage boss saves road accident victim

William Hughes
William Hughes
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The garage owner who helped save an elderly woman’s life following an horrific road accident has told The Falkirk Herald: “I’m no hero.”

The quick thinking of William Hughes, who runs W. H. Tyres in Bonnybridge, has been credited with ensuring the 88-year-old victim did not die at the scene after being run over by a lorry at around 1.15 p.m. last Thursday.

The accident happened a short distance from William’s premises in Wellpark Terrace, near the junction with High Street.

The victim, named locally as Agnes Brzezina, was walking home from an appointment at a nearby hairdressing salon when she was severely injured. She remains in hospital this week in a serious but stable condition.

It is understood the lorry ran over both her legs.

William (55) and customer Ewen Todd (45) ran to Mrs Brzezina’s aid and applied makeshift tourniquets fashioned from rope, a belt and a spanner to her wounds to help stem the bleeding.

William’s son Paul (28) rang an ambulance and then stopped traffic in Wellpark Terrace.

William told The Falkirk Herald he only had basic first aid training.

He added: “I didn’t see the accident but I heard people shouting that a woman needed help.

“We ran over and she was in a very bad way. I knew that we had to stop the bleeeding. She was losing an awful lot of blood.

“What I did was just a natural thing to do. There was no heroics involved.

“The only special person in all of this is the poor woman who was injured.

“None of us at the garage can imagine the pain and suffering that she and her family must be going through at this time.

“Me and my staff just did the best that we could.”

Wellpark Terrace remained closed for the rest of the day as police carried out enquiries but was then reopened to traffic.