Bollywood treat in Grangemouth

Grangemouth town centre got a little blast of Bollywood last weekend as a dance troupe came to town to mark the relaunch of a restaurant.

The importance of shopping, and eating, local was highlighted by Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald when the Cinnamon Tandoori opened its doors again after undergoing a refurbishment and a change of management.

Owner Prabin Guragain and his family were present at the opening ceremony last Friday with special guests, Mr MacDonald, who cut the ribbon, and local councillor David Balfour.

Adding even more spice to the day was a group of Bollywood dancers from Glasgow who paraded through the streets of the town to promote the relaunch in style.

Speaking on the day, Mr MacDonald praised the work of Prabin and his family for investing in the town by upgrading their restaurant and used the Cinnamon’s big day as a platform of sorts to highlight how vital it is to support local businesses.

He said: “Hopefully through this refurbishment we will see a lot more support for the Cinnamon Tandoori. It’s so important we eat and shop local. It’s the old story, use it or lose it.

“We have a number of independent retailers here in Grangemouth and if we don’t support them we will lose them. If we lose our town centre in Grangemouth we lose our heart and our soul.”

Prabin was in charge at the restaurant before, but moved back to India for a year. Now he’s back and has brought with him a team of talented chefs led by Khum Khati and a new approach which leans more towards the grand buffet style, allowing customers to choose from a wide array of dishes.

Mr MacDonald and Councillor Balfour certainly enjoyed their meals on the big day.

Prabin said: “They said the food was marvellous and they liked the restaurant’s new look.”