Bo’ness couple celebrate 70th wedding anniversary

Walter and Elizabeth Campbell celebrated an amazing 70 years together
Walter and Elizabeth Campbell celebrated an amazing 70 years together

A couple in Bo’ness have recently celebrated their platinum wedding anniversary after being married for 70 years.

Walter (95) and Elizabeth (94) Campbell were married in September 1945.

Elizabeth, originally from Denny, met her husband to be while serving in the army. She was a member of the auxiliary territorial service during the Second World War and met Walter while in service.

Walter, served in the army for three years as a reserve and nine years as a soldier. He was stationed in India, before being moved to Egypt. He also served during the Second World War.

The Bo’ness resident said: “In 1944 I suffered from malaria and missed the D-Day landings.”

After the war was over, Walter and Elizabeth tied the knot in September 1945 in the Old Kirk church in Bo’ness. He said: “It was different back then we didn’t have much and it was difficult adjusting to normal life after serving in the army.”

Walter then spent 35 years working in the coal mines and during this time the couple added to the Campbell clan.

The couple had six children, Eileen (68), Beth (67), Walter (65), Sheena (62), Joan (60) and Dorothy (56). Oldest daughter Eileen said: “Growing up with my mum and dad was brilliant. My dad has always been a hard worker and mum was great at looking after us while he was at work.

“We didn’t stop to think they would be celebrating 70 years together, but the family is so happy that they are.”

Elizabeth and Walter have 19 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

The couple kept their celebrations low-key this time, with most of the family visiting their home, filling it with flowers, cards and laughter.

Walter said: “It was great seeing everyone, it is sometimes hard to keep track of such a big family.”

For their 50th anniversary the couple celebrated with a party in Richmond Park Hotel but decided this celebration was to be more intimate.

A platinum wedding is a special occasion, so much so that the couple received a card from the Queen, congratulating them on a successful 70 years together. They also received one for their golden celebrations.

Elizabeth said that the couple hardly ever fell out and still enjoy each other’s company as much as they did when they first met. Walter, when asked for any secrets to a long marriage said: “None, well maybe best to agree with the wife sometimes.”