Black Bitch barman retires after 13 years pulling pints

Black Bitch manager retiresBlack Bitch manager retires
Black Bitch manager retires
The man who has spent 13 years pulling pints at the Black Bitch pub in Linlithgow has retired.

Jimmy Crease (66) pulled his last pint this month after deciding over a decade in charge was enough.

He said: “My lease was up with Belhaven so I decided the time was right for me to step down from my role.

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“I had thought about doing it last year when I was 65, but decided to wait 12 months.”

Since taking over the pub in December 2002, Jimmy has built up a relationship with many of his customers as well as the other pub owners in the town, and they came together to celebrate the retiral of their favourite barman.

Ian Gibson from Platform 3, along with many others organised a retirement party for Jimmy and his wife Kathy, and the pair were treated to a night out in the Park Bistro last week.

Afterwards the party made its way back to the pub where Jimmy was greeted by many of his regulars.

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He said: “The party was a great laugh and a fantastic send off.”

Jimmy is only a few days into retirement but has plenty to keep him occupied, especially the football and following Linlithgow Rose.

He said: “It will take some getting used to but I am sure I will survive.

“I would just like to say thank you to all of the regulars for years of support and for the holiday for two to Portugal.”

Robert Lowe, from Fife, now runs the pub.