Big team effort helped “Rosie” the ram hit home in Denny

Malin and "Rosie"
Malin and "Rosie"

The Falkirk area’s very own medieval fort took possession of a new attraction sure to be a big hit with visitors.

“Rosie” the battering ram took up residence in Clanranald Trust’s Duncarron Fort last weekend and the £60,000 film prop, donated by Hollywood star Russell Crowe after it featured in his film ‘Robin Hood’, will now be used for battle re-enactments and educational visits.

Malin Heen-Allan, Duncarron site manager, thanked Forsyth of Denny for donating their time, expertise and equipment to bring “Rosie” from Kincardine to the Carron Valley fort.

“They were fantastic,” she said. “Driving that giant trailer into the fort and missing our barbecue area by inches. It was like watching a ballet performed by a 40-foot long vehicle.”

The ram is another addition to the village being constructed within the fort’s high wooden walls.

Malin said: “We have a longhouse up and are in the process of building another one. Our village will include roundhouses, a working blacksmiths and everything a settlement like this would have had in mediaeval times.

“It’s taking us a long time to complete because we are having to fund it all on our own by taking on stunt work in feature films. If we could obtain help with the remaining £800,000 we need then it would take us no time at all to get the project finished.

“We have applied for grants from many organisations in the past, but with no success so far.”

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