Big changes bring a joy for Carronshore’s Lara

Lara and her family
Lara and her family

A Carronshore schoolgirl has had her bare bedroom transformed thanks to the kindness of strangers.

Eleven-year-old Lara Wright was living out of carrier bags and sleeping on a sofa bed at her family home, along with mum Debbie and brother Harris 

Ria Marshall, who runs the FalkirkFor Mums Facebook page, heard about Lara’s plight after organising a collection of baby products through the page for Debbie who is expecting a baby on Christmas Day.

Ria said: “Our community pulled together and provided everything she needed. It was when we were dropping things off that we discovered Lara had nothing so we spent a weekend transforming her room.”

Husband Andy, son Calvin and father-in-law David all joined in the decorating efforts while an anonymous donor paid for a new carpet.

A number of local people and businesses helped out, including Moomoo bags, Portraits and paintings by commission Kaz, Clean Cut painter and decorator, and Wooden wishes while J & W carpets discounted the carpet, and SDM provided a van to collect all the donations.

Ria added: “We have had amazing support with this and it’s not something we have done before but her story touched our hearts. I love the community spirit we have in Falkirk, it’s amazing.”

Debbie and Carronshore Primary pupil Lara have been overwhelmed by the generosity they have received.

Debbie (36) said: “We’ve moved several times recently, and my girl has been at five different schools. When we moved in here I didn’t have enough money to decorate the whole house so nothing had been done in Lara’s room.

“I was turned down for a maternity grant and my friend suggested I went onto the FalkirkFor Mums Facebook page to see if anyone knew how I could get help. All of a sudden people started posting that they had things to give me, it was unbelievable.

“Lara had no idea what was happening. Her room has been transformed it into something out of this world. I have never seen her so happy - she just thinks she’s the luckiest girl in the world. We just can’t thank everyone enough.”