Beancross boy’s birthday will be well worth the wait

Max Napier
Max Napier

Seven-year-old Max Napier is gearing up to celebrate his second birthday on Sunday.

The Beancross Primary pupil was born on February 29, 2004 – a leap day –meaning his birthday only comes around once every four years.

“I don’t really mind,” says Max.

“I still get presents and a party every year, even when it’s not really my birthday.

“It just makes my real birthdays even more special.”

Max and his family, mum Lynn, stepdad Stuart McGregor, a grounds maintenance assistant, brothers Lewis (14), MacGregor (6) and Sam (5) and baby sister Lauralynn (6 months), usually mark his birthday on the weekend closest to the big day.

Full time mum Lynn said: “Up until now, Max has been too young to understand about leap years and has just marked his birthday whenever his party was, but this year he understands that it is special.

“I don’t know what we are going to do for it but he has said that it should be special since it’s the first real one he can remember.”

Leaplings, the term given to people born on February 29, in the UK are officially recognised as turning a year older on February 28 in non-leap years but in other parts of the world, this is March 1.

In Britain, tradition states that women may propose marriage only in leap years while in Finland if a man turns down a woman’s proposal on February 29, he must buy her the fabric for a skirt.

This Sunday though, all Max is hoping for is a X Box game and a cake.

“I got a bike last year and it wasn’t really my birthday so this year I want a new game.

“And these cool squidgy toys I’ve seen – I’d like them too.”