BB plays its part in honouring war dead

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The BB was on parade throughout the district on Remembrance Sunday, alongside other youth organisations and British Legion Veterans.

At the Fakirk Cenotaph, 3rd Falkirk (Peoples Church) laid the Battalion wreath and marching past my own church returning to Larbert Old were 2nd Larbert . As Drill Trophy holders they had paraded the Battalion Colour at the Festival of Remembrance in 
Falkirk Town Hall the evening before.

Such BB-uniformed presences serve well as reminders to the public of the continuing part the organisation plays with our young men.

Fewer in number were battalion officers at their dedication service with their new chaplain the Rev Andrew Sarle at Carronvale House on November 16. However, they still enjoyed the intimate worship of the house along with the post service refreshments; donating their offering to the local Foodbank.

Larger in number, surprise, surprise, were the numbers at the recent five-a-side football in Grangemouth where seven teams from six companies played a round-robin first round. Emerging in front at this stage was 2nd Larbert with 1st Polmont (Brightons Church) and 1st Grangemouth (Abbotsgrange Church) in close pursuit.

At varying times over these last few weeks companies have been having their individual church enrolment services, reaffirming their Christian object and aim

At one such service, history repeated itself when the Rev. Colin Mailer, Hon Battalion President, presented Queen’s Badges at St James’ Church to two 7th Falkirk young men.

For when he pinned on these highest BB awards on the arms of Sgts. Eion Bird and Michael Miller, he recalled that 57 years earlier, to the very day, Remembrance Sunday 1957, as a member of 4th Falkirk Company, in the former Grahams Road Church, he too was presented with his Queen’s Badge.