BB NOTES: Sombre issues and challenging events

The Boys’ Brigade is highlighting free one-day conferences on ‘‘BB and Young Minds’’ in its magazine and also on the internet following an awareness that officers are becoming more aware of mental health issues in their young people.

The conferences raise awareness of these issues and how leaders may be able to help.

The one for this area is in Edinburgh on January 16 and can be booked by email to

From experience, I was aware of two lads with learning difficulties who benefited not only from family support but also from that possible within the BB company and its methods.

I’m sure there were more of whom I was not aware. I’m also sure I’m not alone in my experience, indeed I’ve seen similar instances in other companies, so perhaps in these times of anxiety, depression and harming disorders, as well as more obvious mental health issues, we should have our awareness raised as to what we may encounter and support.

‘‘The National Top Team Challenge’’ is an activity for Company Sections and Seniors where companies across the country take part in the same tasks in their own meeting places. It’s accessible to all with no travelling required, minimal equipment and on convenient dates.

It consists of physical and logical challenges for teams to compete against the clock. To order packs go to

Congratulations to 
Christine Ferguson, retiring from her post as Falkirk Town Hall supervisor. Thanks for her help over the last decade with our annual “TurnaBBouT” alternative worship event which will again will be held at Falkirk Town Hall on March 4.