BB notes

Beyond the bounds of the local Battalion inter-company competitions, BB national competitions in various disciplines are meant to stimulate further interest for the boys and encourage them to meet other like-minded lads further afield, as well as enjoying trips away to other companies’ venues.

So it has been regarded by 1st Denny and Dunipace Company (Westpark Church) for the last ten years, in various competitions but until now no progress beyond the first round has ever been their good fortune to enjoy. However, just like waiting for a bus, three come at once, and they have suddenly been pitched into the second round of the chess, badminton and Masterteam competitions, the latter of which I was privileged to oversee at Dunblane on November 7, where 25th Stirling (Dunblane) also had two teams progress. Not so, unfortunately, for 1st Haggs (Haggs Church) and 1st Falkirk (Grahamston United).

Never let it be said there was lack of enthusiasm or support by the officers for Alan Hobbs from 1st Haggs, unable to avail himself of babysitting cover brought along his infant son, Stuart, perhaps as a (well-behaved) mascot. Stuart and I have met before in not dissimilar circumstances when he ‘attended’ a company section committee meeting in Polmont! Starting him young and how!

Also through in Masterteam are 1st Polmont (Brightons Church) and 2nd Polmont (Old Church) as well as 1st Grangemouth (Abbotsgrange Church) in table tennis, as they progress in defending their national title. I’m sure there are others making similar progress at this early stage but, so far, not known to me.

1st Grangemouth too have been busy as ever fundraising to support such activities by way of two lots of bag packing and a special fundraising event in Grangemouth, all resulting in £1000 in additional funds.

Well done everyone in winning, keeping trying or generally supporting the continuing work.