Bainsford’s little Hollie beats the odds and battles back

Hollie and mum Elaine enjoy play time at Carousel Nursery
Hollie and mum Elaine enjoy play time at Carousel Nursery

A brave little girl endured intensive chemotherapy, radiotherapy and major operations to battle a rare form of cancer ... all before she turns three.

Bainsford toddler Hollie Taylor celebrates her birthday in November. But she has already been through the fight of her life.

Doctors found a rhabdoid tumour near the nape of her neck last year. The growth was so big it led to the collapse of one of her lungs.

Hollie had just started the local Carousel Nursery last September when parents Elaine and John began having concerns about her health.

Elaine (35) said: “She looked really white sitting watching television and the heat coming off her head was unbelievable.”

Hollie was rushed to Forth Valley Royal Hospital and then Yorkhill. After several tests Elaine and John’s worst fears were confirmed.

“We were told the form of cancer she had only had a five per cent survival rate.”

Hollie started chemotherapy in October and then underwent an operation in January which removed 85 per cent of the tumour. This was followed by weeks of further chemotherapy and radiotherapy to shrink the remaining cancer.

Elaine said: “She did get quite unwell, but the cheeky wee girl we knew started to come back.

“She had an MRI and we were told there was only a tiny amount left and that may actually only be scar tissue.

“They are going to continue to monitor her, but we are over the moon. She has been a wee trouper and she was the one who actually helped me through this.”

Hollie started back at the Carousel Nursery in August.

“She was effectively out of circulation for 10 months – now she’s getting on with normal things like learning to climb again and socialising with other wee ones,” said Elaine.

Hollie’s parents thanked family and friends for their support and Clic Sargent, staff at FVRH, Yorkhill and the Beatson and the staff at Carousel Nursery, who are holding a fun day in Hollie’s name for MacMillan Cancer Support at their Merchiston Road premises on Saturday, September 27, from 10 a.m. to noon.