Bainsford garden clean-up order from red-faced officials

Overgrown garden in Merchiston Avenue, Bainsford
Overgrown garden in Merchiston Avenue, Bainsford

Red-faced council officials have been forced to get tough over an overgrown garden ... that they are supposed to look after.

The house is used as temporary accommodation for the homeless. But it has left neighbours in Merchiston Avenue, Bainsford, seething at the weeds which are knee high.

However, bosses have now stepped in to order it to be cut back and weedkiller sprayed.

Part of Falkirk Council’s tenancy agreement states that householders must keep gardens tidy or face the consequences.

But one resident in Merchiston Avenue has been raising concerns for over 12 months about the number of gardens in the street which are overgrown.

They’ve also the support of MSP Margaret Mitchell and MP Eric Joyce, who have both contacted the council about the problem.

The resident said: “I am totally disgusted at Falkirk Council’s lack of implementation of the regulations laid down in the missives regarding gardens.”

A council spokesperson said all gardens of its properties are inspected regularly. The last check in Merchiston Avenue was on July 10 with 33 letters sent out asking tenants and owner-occupiers to bring them up to standard.

They said: “Where no improvement is made we will make arrangements for the work to be carried out on their behalf and the cost will be passed onto the tenant. Further action may be considered for those who continually fail to maintain gardens.”

Housing spokesman, Councillor Gerry Goldie, said: “It is reasonable to expect the housing department to manage this situation in an appropriate manner. It is something we are looking at.”