Bainsford family hope son can live childhood after operation

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A brave family say amputating their son’s leg will change his life after he has suffered years of pain.

Eight-year-old Callum Wilson from Bainsford has had pseudarthrosis since he was born and has endured 18 operations as doctors fought to 
repair his leg.

Callum’s left tibia (shin bone) and fibula (calf bone) are bowed and brittle. Over the past seven years doctors have inserted rods in the bones, grafted hip bone to his leg, had an Ilizarov frame fitted to try and lengthen it. He’s also had skin grafts.

His condition means he can’t do much physical activity and when he has tried to play with his pals he had fractured the bones causing him even more pain and discomfort. As the operations haven’t worked parents, Pamela (34) and Stuart (33), and Callum have now accepted that the best option for him is to have his leg amputated from below the knee following doctors’ advice.

Pamela said: “We have tried everything for Callum. Things have been alright for a while after some of the operations, but the results haven’t been long term unfortunately.

“We were always told that nothing would work and basically we are back to square one where we were seven years ago.

“Doctors say we could try it all again but we don’t want to put Callum through another seven years of what he’s already been through and miss out on more of his childhood. This operation will change his life. It means he can have a prosthetic limb and be able to run around with his friends, which he just can’t do at 
the moment.”

Proud mum Pamela also paid tribute to Callum’s fighting spirit during his difficulties and the support of the community.

She added: “Throughout all this he has never moaned once. He’s never known anything different and this has been quite normal for him, but he and everyone else wants more for him.

“He made the decision as well. He just wants to get out and play with his friends like any other kid does so the decision wasn’t as hard to make as we thought it would be. He loves football so it would be really nice to see him kicking 
one around. We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us, especially Steven and Tracey Brown who have raised money to buy an iPad for him for when he is in hospital.”

Family friend Steven, an Outreach worker who also runs DJ Stevie B Mobile Disco, did raffles at the Forth Inn in Aberfoyle, while Tesco in Camelon donated money for the iPad and iTunes vouchers. First bus drivers also did a raffle and 
have pledged future 
fundraising support.

Steven said: “We’ve seen what Callum’s been through over years and wanted 
to do something to try to 
take his mind off it when
 he’s in hospital.”

The family has been told the operation to amputate Callum’s leg will take place by September 4 at the latest.