Bainsford customer feared pipes might be stolen

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A householder says she was stunned when workers fitting her new central heating boiler bolted the copper pipework to the OUTSIDE of her home - then was left fuming when it broke down!

Furious Jean Whyte was seeing red at their handiwork and worried it would be an easy target for thieves.

After the battling pensioner complained to Scottish Gas they sent engineers back to the property in Langlees Street, Bainsford, on Tuesday to install the pipes under the floor - but left her without heating when it failed to work the next day.

Yesterday (Wednesday) Mrs Whyte (68), who bought the council-built terraced home in 1997, said: “This has been a nightmare. I applied to have a new gas boiler installed under the Scottish Government scheme but didn’t realise it would mean lengths of valuable copper piping running around the outside of my house ... easy to get to and steal. I was shocked that was the way they decided to do it. They didn’t even give me the type of boiler I wanted and the day after they come back to sort it out it breaks down.”

Scottish Gas promised to fix the fault and apologised for causing her concerns, but claim she had been told where the pipes would go before installation work started and agreed to allow it to go ahead.

A spokeswoman said: “We’re sorry Mrs Whyte was disappointed with the pipework completed as part of the central heating installation. As part of the government’s energy installation package we have to complete a technical survey which states Mrs Whyte was made aware that the pipes would be outside her property because her home has steel joists and concrete floors. Technically, under gas installation regulations, it is acceptable. She signed the paperwork but was then unhappy with how it looked so we agreed to change it.”

With regard to the boiler not working, she added: “As an elderly lady Mrs Whyte is a priority customer and we will ensure an engineer calls at the house today to carry out any work required to make sure the system is operating properly.”

Mrs Whyte said: “They removed a lot of the pipes from outside and put them under the floor as I wanted, but there are still some outside which I’m not happy about. Then I got up this morning to find the boiler not working. My neighbours who have had the same job done have not had any of the problems I’ve faced. As for agreeing to have the pipes outside in the first place, I don’t think I did. I agreed to have my furniture out of the way when they came and accepted they would have to lift my carpets but nothing else.”