Bags will warn people in Forth Valley of drink dangers

Superintendent Gary Lawrie
Superintendent Gary Lawrie

People are being warned of the dangers of buying alcohol for underage teens in a novel way.

Carriers bags with the warning message are being handed out by police to off-licences throughout Forth Valley.

The move comes as officers step up attempts to raise awareness of the risks.

Supt Gary Lawrie said: “This move has been trialled in other areas of the UK and was a success. It is another tool we can use to get our message across that it is an offence for an adult to buy alcohol for anybody under 18.”

The carrier bags carry clear warnings about the offence and the penalty which can be imposed on anybody who is convicted of this offence.

Posters have also been given to off-licences.

Supt Lawrie added: “We have previously said this is about keeping young people safe.

“Anyone who buys alcohol for somebody under 18 is acting in a completely reckless and irresponsible manner and they are putting a young person at risk.”

Forth Valley Alcohol and Drug Partnership provided funding for the bags.