Baby’s born in Larbert hospital car park

Baby Eden with mum and dad
Baby Eden with mum and dad

When baby Eden decided to come into the world she didn’t waste any time.

She surprised parents Vicki and Robbie Foltier with her extremely speedy arrival and was born in the car park of Forth Valley Royal Hospital last Friday.

The mum-to-be, from Falkirk, was dozing at home when she woke up with severe contractions and called her mother Jackie to drive them to hospital.

Vicki (29), an assistant manager in Tile Star in Middlefield Industrial Estate, said: “It was all so fast, I was in total shock.

“I told my mum to take the wrong turning in the hospital and we ended up in the visitors car park instead of the maternity drop-off.

‘‘There was no way I could walk across the car park so my mum ran in to get help. Luckily the first person she saw was a student midwife and they rushed out with a wheelchair.”

The two managed to transfer Vicki into the chair but the nurse said she was too far gone to wheel her to the labour suite.

Vicki continued: “She said the baby was going to have to be born in the car park and told me to push. About five seconds later Eden arrived.”

Baby Eden Ann Simone Foltier was born at 11.45 a.m. on Good Friday weighing a healthy 8lb 11oz.

Robbie, who is from Corsica in France and has lived in Falkirk for 15 years, said: “It was a real fright for me. You are warned that labour takes hours, or even days, so when everything happened so quickly I was worried.

‘‘From when Vicki complained of pains to Eden arriving was just minutes, we didn’t have the time to prepare and we were both in complete shock.

‘‘When she was delivered we just looked at each other and burst out laughing.”

Vicki woke with mild pains at 2 a.m. on the Friday and by 7 a.m. her contractions had started but were six minutes apart and she was told by triage to wait until they were at three-minute intervals before going in. By 11 a.m. when Vicki awoke, her waters had broken and the contractions were a minute apart.

Vicki added: “We were lucky the lights at Larbert Cross weren’t red or Eden would have been born in the car without the help of a midwife and we would have had a Volkswagen Golf baby!

“The student midwife was great and remained very calm amongst the chaos and a nurse who was in the car park rushed to help too.

“It was all so fast I obviously didn’t get the chance for any gas and air but with such a quick labour I can’t really complain.

“I bet my next one will be 10 days’ long to get me back for how fast this one was!”

The new mum and Eden were kept in overnight at the hospital as a precaution and released the following day.

A spokeswoman from NHS Forth Valley said: “This was an extremely speedy arrival and we are delighted that both mum and baby are doing well.”

Robbie, a warehouse operative for Asda, added: “We are both besotted with her, she is just perfect and we can’t stop looking at her. She had a dramatic entry into the world but you would never know, she is so content and happy.

“I’m already speaking away in French to her and we want her to be bilingual - I’m determined her first word will be a French one!”