Baby of the Week; Millie Anna Grant

The birth of Millie Anna Grant.

THE DETAILS: Millie Anna Grant was born at 1.53 p.m. on October 30 at Stirling Royal Infirmary weighing 6lb 11.5oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Lynda is 31 and a sales support executive in Stirling while husband Jamie is 32 and works for BP off-shore. The new family live in Redding.

THE PREGNANCY: Lynda had a wonderful pregnancy. She had no problems and a big nice bump.

THE BIRTH: Baby Millie couldn't wait to come into the world and appeared three weeks early while mum was enjoying a surprise baby shower. Lynda's mum took her to the hospital and stayed with her until dad Jamie, who was off-shore, arrived. He had a mad dash to the hospital using a chopper and a hire car but got there just in time for his daughter's arrival. Lynda had no complications, and used just gas and air during labour.

THE BABY: Millie is a brilliant baby according to her delighted parents.

THE NAME: Lynda and Jamie had trouble deciding on a name but found Millie in a book of names. Anna is after both grandmothers.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Little Millie is a third grandchild for Ann and Billy Nixon from Grangemouth and a second grandchild for Anne and Jimmy Grant, also from Grangemouth.

THANKS: Special thanks go to the midwives and Poppy Team at Stirling Royal and Lynda's mum Ann for being there at the labour.