Baby of the Week: Melissa Watson

The birth of Melissa Watson

THE DETAILS: Melissa Watsonwas born on January 3 at Stirling Royal Infirmary at 4.40 p.m. weighing 6lb 10oz

THE PARENTS: Mum Helen is 37 and works at OKI in Cumbernauld as doesdad Jamie (35) and the family live in Denny. Melissa is a little sister for

two-year-old Stuart.

THE PREGNANCY: The pregnancy went fine,with no problems,and baby and mum were both well.

THE BIRTH: Helen had some bleeding while she was over 38 weeks pregnant. She went to hospital and was kept in overnight.She was given

a scan to see what the problems was, but when the medical team still couldn't find out where the bleeding was coming from, the decision was taken for Helen to have an elective section. Afterwards, Helen said she felt fine and her new baby was very well.

THE BABY: Melissa is agreat baby who loves to sleep all day and be awake all night. She is eating well and little Stuart is slowly getting used to his new wee sister.

THE NAME: The couple were convinced they were having a boy,as they thought they had spotted something in the last scan at the hospital. Because of that,they hadn't really thought of a name for a girl. But after Baby Watson was born, they agreed on Melissa in the labour ward aftergoing through the alphabet and picking the name they both liked

the most.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Melissa is a sixth grandchild for Carol Stewart of Denny and a fourth grandchild for Maureen Watson of Falkirk.

THANKS: Thanks go to the staff of Stirling Royal and to family and friends for all the lovely gifts.