Baby of the Week: Matilda Jane Hendry

Matilda Hendry
Matilda Hendry

The birth of Matilda Jane Hendry.

THE PARENTS: Dad Alan (36), originally from Falkirk, is a journalist with the Scottish Daily Mail. Mum Ailie (29) is a nurse at the Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow. Matilda is their second child and a sister to Miles (1).

THE PREGNANCY: The pregnancy was plain sailing with no problems.

THE BIRTH: Ailie experienced her first contraction at 11 p.m. and Matilda arrived three hours later. The couple were glad they had chosen a home birth.

THE BABY: Matilda is doing great. She has already gained weight and “skipped past” baby clothes for new borns.

THE NAME: Alan and Ailie had a short list of names and originally settled on the name Robyn, and called her that for the first 24 hours. But Ailie had a change of heart and finally decided on Matilda.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Matilda is a seventh grandchild for Alan’s parents Jim, a former Falkirk Herald reporter, and Linda Hendry of Falkirk, and a fourth for Jim and Janis Brown from Glasgow.

THANKS: Thanks to both sets of grandparents and to the midwifery team at Glasgow Home Birth.