Baby of the Week: Leo and Ellie Wright

Baby of the Week - Leo and Ellie WrightBaby of the Week - Leo and Ellie Wright
Baby of the Week - Leo and Ellie Wright
THE DETAILS: Leo was born at 10.49am on June 29, in Forth Valley Royal weighing 5lb 4oz. Twin sister Ellie quickly followed, arriving at 11.10am and weighing 5lb 140z.

THE PARENTS: Mum Gillian Esplin (29) is a civil servant and dad Daniel Wright (31) is a UK Border Force agent. The couple live together in Denny and are looking forward to getting married once they decide a date.

THE PREGNANCY: Gillian said the pregnancy was fairly straightforward. The biggest surprise was discovering she was having twins.

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THE BIRTH: Gillian said the labour was fine and both babies arrived happy and healthy.

THE BABY: Leo and Ellie are two very happy and bubbly babies. Mum Gillian said: “They both sleep well throughout the night and the pair love each other very much.”

THE NAME: The couple decided on Ellie and Leo as it was the first two names fiancé Daniel agreed with. Gillian said: “They were the only names both of us liked after going through quite a lot of different ones.”

THE FAMILY: Tom and Heather Esplin along with Samantha McColgan are the proud grandparents of Leo and Ellie. The twins also have three sets of great grandparents.

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