Baby of the Week: Daniel John McPherson

Daniel was born at 2.01am on May 12 in Forth Valley Royal Hospital weighing 5lb 1oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Janet McPherson (36) is an early years officer at St Andrew’s nursery class in Falkirk and dad Sean McPherson (42) is a market place manager at Ladbrokes. The couple live together in Falkirk with their two other children, Conlan (15) and Niamh (13).

THE PREGNANCY: Daniel was a little bit of a surprise to mum and dad, however they were both excited with the news of a third child. Janet described the pregnancy as not the easiest. She said: “I had bad morning sickness and a couple of other problems.”

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THE BIRTH: Janet had to be induced three weeks early due to complications with Daniel’s growth.

THE BABY: Daniel is thriving and is a really happy and smiley baby according to his mum. She said: “His brother and sister are a fantastic help and both absolutely love their new little brother.”

THE NAME: Both Janet and Sean agreed pretty quickly on the name Daniel. Janet said: “It was a name we both liked so it was a fairly straightforward decision.” John is after Sean’s dad and Janet’s papa.

THANKS: Janet would like to say a big thank you to the midwife staff at Fort Valley Royal Hospital as well as a massive thank you to both families for all their help.

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