Baby of the Week: Aimee-Leigh Jackson

The birth of Aimee-Leigh Jackson.

THE DETAILS: Aimee-Leigh Jackson made her way into the world three weeks early at 12.21 p.m. on July 20 at Stirling Royal Infirmary,

weighing 4lb 8oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Lee-Anne McGuckin is 23 and is focusing on being a mum. Dad Andy Jackson (22) is a professional footballer for St Johnstone. The family live in Denny.

THE PREGNANCY: Lee-Anne's pregnancy was a bumpy ride as she had bad sickness for seven months. She couldn't hold any fluids or food down for days at a time. She said: "Five weeks before I was due, I was out shopping and felt gushes of what I thought was water. I thought my waters were breaking but, to my horror, it was blood. I rushed to hospital but the baby was fine."

THE BIRTH: Lee-Anne said: "Aimee-Leigh was breach. I went to hospital regularly for checks and on the Monday they asked me to return the

next day for a Caesarean section when everything went perfect."

THE NAME: Aimee-Leigh had been suggested by Lee-Anne's mum during the pregnancy.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Aimee-Leigh is the first grandchild for Lee-Anne's mum Angela McGuckin and the first great grandchild of Thomas and Rita McGuckin, who are all from Denny. She is the third grandchild for Andy's mum and dad, Shona and Steven Jackson, also from Denny.

THANKS: The couple would like to thank the Tulip team and all staff in the maternity ward.